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Safety is our priority. Our prime responsibility is to take the necessary safety precautions when working on any parts which may come into human contact. Gloves, masks, sanitizers, and electronics cleaning equipment are always used when servicing your equipment.


We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We strive to provide the fastest resolutions, minimizing or eliminating as much downtime possible, leading to more productivity for you or your business.

Leading Experts

We cover everything, providing end-to-end solutions for you and all your technology needs — from your servers and network infrastructure, to your computers, workstations and mobile devices.


NetStf services and support include, but are not limited to, Laptop & Desktop Repair. PC and Mac Repair. Small Business Support. Network Design & Maintenance. WiFi & Networking Support. Virus & Spyware Removal. Speed Issues for Slow Machines. Data Recovery. Hard Drive Installation & Repair. Local & Remote Access Services. Web & SEO Services. Hardware Repair. Software Support & Repair.

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Small Business-focused

My definition of 'innovative' is providing value to the customer.

– Mary Barra


Unforseen Calamity

When you run a business, you depend on your technology. You don't have time for downtime. Dealing with unexpected computer disasters, when it’s too late and the damage is already done, can feel like the end of the world. It's not. We will stop the problems in their tracks before they have a chance to cause costly damages and major downtime.


Updates & Efficiency

We will evaluate your hardware, software, overall network operation, backup system(s) in place, and security protocols to make sure everything is running smoothly, free of hidden flaws, and properly implemented and configured. We will also assess your specific needs and recommend cost-effective upgrades and other solutions in order maximize efficiency.


Vulnerability & Protection

Information security is a crucial component of every business, and a vital part which cannot afford to be ignored. Automated attacks are run against businesses every day looking for any vulnerability to exploit. Unfortunately, these frequently non-targeted attacks make small businesses just as susceptible as large corporations.


Security Breaches

Depending on the type of data involved, the consequences of a security breach can include destruction or corruption of databases, the leaking of confidential information, the theft of intellectual property and regulatory requirements to notify and possibly compensate those affected, and more.


Equipped & Efficient

With the increased demand for video and voice solutions, it is paramount that your network is running smoothly. Additionally, the most advanced and reliable hardware will be of little value if not installed and supported properly.


Networking & WiFi

Our certified network installation and support specialists are familiar with all business sizes, environments, and industries, including expertise in the support of demanding, high bandwidth LAN and WAN environments.

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